Updated: November 11, 2003

This is my attempt at staying cool while I'm sitting at my desk in front of the computer during a 100 degree heatwave. It's made of a 12volt computer fan, a 7.2V RC battery pack, some acrylic, and some toilet paper.

There is a resevoir beneath the fanwhere water sits, and the little rolled up strips of toilet tissue sucks up the water. The fan sucks air across the toilet paper strips, and in theory, will evaporate the water, and thus cooling the air coming out. In practice, it's pretty much the same as just having a fan. There is little measurable difference between the temperatures downstream and upstream of the cooler. The water lasts a few hours, so I know it's evaporating.. it's not not cooling down the air much at all. I might have to investigate other evaporating mediums and materials. Real swamp coolers use a wood fiber type deal, but they're big and bulky. My fan is only 80mm in diameter so it's not very powerful. I'm not sure if it would work for my little fan.

So essentially it's just a battery powered fan. It's all good.

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