Updated November 18, 2003

What's EmuBox?

With the coming of X-Box, the line separating PCs and consoles is beginning to blur. And with the advent of console emulation, that line is even being crossed. I thought it'd be cool to have a dedicated computer on which you could replay your favorite consoles. Thus EmuBox was born.

What's Emulation?

There are many websites out there that focus solely on emulation. Basically, an emulator is a piece of software on one platform written to emulate the hardware of a different platform. For more information, see a dedicated emulation site like EmuHq

What's in the EmuBox?


Currently I have a Tekram S381-M motherboard, which is Intel i810 based. So that means it has onboard sound and video. I needed TV-out so I'm using a Diamond DM975 PCI video card with TV-out capability (S-Video, and RCA composite (it also has "Tuner In", "Camera In" but i don't know what those are for. They look like mini-din connectors)). There's an el-cheapo NIC too for network connectivity. CPU is a Socket 370 Celeron 466 Mhz. 128MB of RAM. Harddrive is an el-cheapo 1gigabyte Quantum. CD-ROM is a Matsushita 8X drive. Power supply is a small 145 watt which is the same form factor of the eMachines PS. Model HEC-145FC. This is all sitting in a custom transparent acrylic case. 10.75"W X 5.75"H X 8.5"D

***UPDATE: NOVEMBER 18, 2003**

Emubox recieves an upgrade! There were some slowdown issues in some of the NEO GEO games, so to fix this, I upped the CPU to a Celeron 566@600, and also threw in a bigger 8GIG Harddrive so I could fit ALL my roms on the harddrive rather than on CD. And the TV out on the video card was craptastic at best, so I ditched the video card altogether and am just using the motherboard's onboard video along with an AVerMedia AVerKey300 Gold converter box. This thing provides very good TV-out and even a zoom function when things get hard to read.


Win98 SE, SNES9x, NeoRageX, and DpadPro 5.0 to drive the gamepads, and Sasami2k for video playback

***UPDATE: NOVEMBER 18, 2003**

Now running Win2K and PSXPad

So what will you be able to do with EmuBox?

Well I'll be able to play any SNES, and NeoGeo rom out there. That's all I have on the harddrive right now but I plan to get a Genesis, NES, or any other system emulated on the EmuBox. Who knows, maybe even Playstation?
I'll also be using the EmuBox for watching DiVX movies on my TV.

What have you done so far?

See my log.


NEW! Tutorial on how to make the SNES controller adapter for the parallel port.
Work log - Updated whenever I feel like
Latest version of my autocad plans - I'm no autocad expert so don't flame me for my crap technique.
A ghetto-looking diagram showing how the top and front panels are attached

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