Posted: August 3, 2004
Last Updated: August 3, 2004

So how many of you have a blower fan that only works on 4? And how many of you are too cheap/lazy to haul your butt over to the dealer for a 14 dollar part?

Well after blowing out my resistor, I took it out and examined it.

So this is the infamous "resistor". Funny cuz I don't see any resistors on the big metal board. You can see traces on the board though. Hmm. I wonder what's underneath those metal looking thingymabobs. So i take a screw driver and pry them off (they're riveted on but those were no match for my screwdriver).

Ok that isn't what was actually under the things. That picture is showing the fix.

I forgot to take a picture of what it looked like before, but basically, it was just two tiny metal looking rectangle things that resembled surface-mount resistors. I noticed they were pretty crusty looking, and one of them was hanging by only one edge. That's probably what's "blowing" on everyone's resistors. I assume that, because pretty much, there's nothing else that can really go wrong with these things. It's just a board with traces on it. I'm not even sure why they have those metal thingy's on the board, because they don't seem to have any significant resistance to them. They appear to be there to simply bridge a gap in the traces.

Anyway, Since those little crusty things served no purpose in my eyes other than straight up connect two points, I scraped them off and just replaced them with a trusty blob of solder. And THAT's whats shown in that second pic. Fan works fine now.

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