Updated: November 11, 2003

So my Aiptek 6000U Graphics Tablet has a pen that takes the weird AAAA battery size. I didn't feel like buying this offsize battery, and I wanted to use normal sized AAA cells, so I made a rechargable NiMH AAA cell fit.

I cut the battery holder/negative terminal metal bracket-thing, then soldered on some soldering braid to make it longer. To accomodate the larger diameter battery, I had to bend the bracket some so the battery stays centered on the pen. And to stabilize the whole thing I ziptied a copper wire to the pen, and the battery is rubberbanded to both the wire and the battery holder thing.

It works ok, kinda top heavy and the zip ties get in the way.. but now I don't have to worry about finding a stupid quadruple A battery.

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