Updated: November 11, 2003

You may be asking: what the heck are those? Well they're basically my version of the Xzylo They're flying tubes that fly incredible straight, fast, and far. It's really quite unbelievable how fast these things shoot across the room or yard. The Xzylo is basically a plastic tube that's weighted in front with a metal ring that's securely attached. Mine is made out a 24Oz plastic soda bottle, with a diameter of about 2.75in. I cut the bottle down to about 2 5/8 in. sections. The first version I weighted down with some wire. I think the wire is about 20gauge. I wrapped the wire around the tube 4 times and that seems to work well.

The second one is weighted with a bunch of pennies. the Xzylo weighs about 25grams, and a US currency penny weighs about 2.5 grams, so I attached 10 pennies to the outside of the tube with silicone adhesive. I haven't really thrown this one, so I'm not sure if they'll hold. The wire one flies very very well, but is much lighter than the penny Thunder Tube.

They're very fun, and cheap enough to actually buy, but I'm very very cheap.

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