Updated: November 11, 2003

I made a biquad antenna out of some 14gauge copper wire, an AOL CD tin (I have like a thousand of these) and an N panel connector. I used the bigger half of the tin and just cut it and hammered it to shape. I used Lincomatic's and Trevor Marshall's site as a guide for the antenna. I just got my pigtail and connector and couldn't wait to try my hand at making an antenna. I couldn't find a can for a cantenna, so I used what I had, and this is what I came up with. Without an external antenna, I was able to pick up a single access point while walking around my house. With the biquad, I'm able to pick up 7. That's the extent of my testing now. This is with an Orinoco Silver->Gold card, and a 5foot pigtail from Fabcorp. I got the N connectors from Fab too, but I found that Excess Solutions has some too, and they're local to me.

I made another antenna for use in my car. This one features a magnetic mount so I can stick it out the sunroof and on the steel roof of my SE-R. This is another antenna from Lincomatic's site. It's the Mobile Mark clone. The ground plane is made of a hard disk platter. The hole in the center of the platter was too for the N connector, so I had to "fill" it in with a piece of AOL tin. I stuck it on the platter using some conductive silver epoxy and it holds it pretty good. And it has a harddrive magnet (can you tell I sacraficed an antique harddrive for this project?) that is strong enough to keep the antenna from flying off the car at 70+ mph. When it's on top of my car, it's slanted down a bit due to the curve of the roofline. So I think that provides some downforce on the antenna to help it stay planted. I glued some thin rubber to the magnet so it wouldn't scratch the paint

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